Opening ceremony of Sika Abyssinia Chemicals Manufacturing PLC


Sika Abyssinia chemical manufacturing factory built at a cost of over 10 million birrs, had the opening ceremony this week.

According to a press release issued to media and journalists, the factory is said to have built 16 chemical products in three major phases.
They mentioned that from the chemical it produces, construction clusters and chemicals that are used to repair and maintain wall and roofs are included.

Ato Fitsum Arega Ethiopian Investment Commissioner who was present at the factory opening ceremony said, ‘first I would like to congratulate you on this day and the factory is the first manufacturer of construction chemicals in the country and thank you very much that you chose our country to invest I hope you know the market in here very well you will be satisfied’.

The commissioner also explained that the factory also includes not only chemical products, but also it has its own training center and chemical testing laboratories.
The headquarter of the factory is in Switzerland and it takes one year and six months to finalize the construction

Sika is an international Swiss business group founded in 1910 G.C with a worldwide
number of employees about ten thousand. They are active in 99 countries and have more than one hundred ninety factories.

They also have 19 factories in Africa and it only been six months since extending their presence in Africa. When the manager states the reason that they are growing fast is said ‘we have a very strong strategy and policies and also very strong management groups.’

In the opening ceremony, the company managers had given a brief information about the company and its plan. They also give a chance to the invited guest to ask any question they want to know about and they were giving answers.

Finally, by cutting the riven for four they officially open the factory for service. Dire Tube Media also attended the press conference and we’d like to present it to you.

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