Man Robbed 27 Million Dollars from National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE)


Citibank Scammer Caught in Singapore

Ethiopian Radio hosts reveal how Paul Gabriel Amos managed to scam the National Bank of Ethiopia’s foreign account out of $27 million (USD).

Paul is a 46-year old Nigerian Businessman. Back in 2008 he allegedly defrauded Citibank. He did this by created official-looking documents which convinced Citibank to wire money into his accounts.

The money was promptly sent to over a dozen accounts, after which the bank executives discovered the error.

Apparently, the contact info turned out to be the cellphones of the alleged swindler and his accomplices in South Africa, Nigeria, and other places.

Later, Citibank verified that the related documents had arrived not from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia but Lagos, Nigeria.

He was arrested in United States year later in 2009 and released shortly afterward.

As the radio hosts tell us, he was arrested again just this Wednesday in Singapore.

Bank Swindler Captured After 9 Years

Mr. Amos managed to scam over $27 million and live in Singapore peacefully afterward as a permanent resident.

Following this, Amos has been charged with 9 separate criminal offenses, 8 of which are related to Corruption, Drug Trafficking and other Serious Offenses Act of the Singapore government.

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Further, the charges are not directly related to the swindling of the money from the National Bank of Ethiopia’s New York city account years back. However, there is a possibility that his capture might soon reveal the extent of his participation.

In addition, An NYTimes source explains that Citibank has reimbursed the lost $27 million back to the National Bank of Ethiopia.

Amos has a Singaporean wife and has two children. Current, he faces up to $500,000 USD per charge and up to a decade of imprisonment.

According to Channel News Asia, Amos is out on bail now, after putting up the requisite $150,000.


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