Interview with Artist Tadele Roba


Tadias Addis Interview with Artist Tadele Roba about New Music Video

Amharic language radio show begins with greetings. Starting off, hosts introduce a new movie clip. Father and son are collaborating on this together. Tadele Roba is introduced. In beginning, he tells us that the new movie clip took 3 years to produce. His son Roba is taking part in this clip. The music production comes from Tadele Roba’s Makossa. Makusa is part of the Mesgana album. Tadele likens the music video to a film in its breadth.

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Hosts ask Tadele Roba how much he paid his son Roba for his participation in this production. Tadele Roba responds succinctly. In addition, he admires his son. He is a good student and understands far above his age. Tadele encourages him in his education and he is in the 11th grade. Tadele says the free market economy is not like before. He states that it is much improved.

The Makusa Song Music Production

Back to the new music video. What is new about this clip, the hosts ask? Gash Abera Mola is featured in the film. Getish helped with the dance. There are elements of Micheal Jackson’s style in the clip which Getish is great with. DJ Kingston is also another featuring musician on the clip.

The film was produced in National Theater. The Emperor’s special seat at the theater is included. Tadele Roba thanks the National Theater management for their help.

Gash Abera Mola (Seleshi Demise) covers the forest section of this two-part music video. Various animals are involved. Clip includes an elephant, lions, a falcon, even a tiger! The video Makussa is prepped for release on Josse TV.

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