Seifu on EBS interview with Dina and Her Mother


Dina Anteneh Chatting with Seifu Fantahun

Ethiopia Vocalist Dina Anteneh, 31,  makes a grand entrance into the Seifu show on EBS. The audience cheers happily as she walks up to Seifu Fantahun at his desk. Dina Anteneh is attired in a beautiful Ethiopian desk and after exchanging greetings Seifu promptly begins his trademark casual conversation.

Dinah Anteneh’s Return from the State and Rise to Fame

She tells the growingly popular longtime television and radio host that she just returned after 10 years. He says that her songs especially some of the singles are now much admired by her Ethiopian fans.

Nama is one of her popular songs but it was Gamme that made her popular. To date, Dina Anteneh has released five singles.

Listen to Dinah Anteneh: Nama (2015)

Dinah Anteneh’s Early Experiences and Family Life

Dinah continues telling her story by adding that she used to work in Roha before she left to the United States a decade ago.

Dinha tells Seifu that she is the mother of a two-year-old son she had while residing in North America.

Interestingly Dinha has been in the music world since age ten working with her mother, in weddings and amateur halls and schools. Her mother was also a singer and influenced her as a role model from a young age.

Dina is Joined By Her Mother

Seifu surprises his audience by calling Dina Anteneh’s mother to the stage.

Check out Dina Anteneh’s live performance on the Seifu Show

Mother and daughter are dressed identically, and the mother explains why she stopped singing. Her mother had gotten ill and she stopped to take care of her. At one point in her childhood, Dina Anteneh was registered in music school and began working in Mega and other places and then Roha.

Mother and daughter sing together to joyous encouragement from the audience.

This up and coming music star has over 20k likes on her official Facebook page. Check it out here

Watch this uplifting interview of Dinha Anteneh on

Dina Anteneh on  Bede New Music Video

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