Ayer Bayer Ethiopian Series Drama Part 3


The episode of Ayer Bayer begins with the character Gash Tezazu sending his son Newaye on his usual errand. Newaye (Ashenafi Kebede) is smitten by Martha who comes by to pay the rent to Gash Tezazu. Newaye does not know how to act and he becomes very anxious. Newaye’s favorite expression is ‘take it easy’ and he says it whenever he is nervous.

Newyae (Anteneh Assefa) has a huge crush on Martha(Feben Tadele). He acts awkward and gets upset when he finds out she didn’t spend the night at home. She ends up by calling him a ‘Jezba’. Basically, this word means someone who is inept and incompetent.

He is unnecessarily apologetic. Shortly afterward he begins a long tirade in which he compliments his current girlfriend. Martha does not like this very much. When she realizes he is talking about her she expresses surprise and he awkwardly walks off.

Martha as in the previous episodes of Ayer Bayer spends a lot of time with her friends Shewa and Hasset. Shewa calls her shortly after she pays the rent. She will get Hasset from her house and meet him. Newaye overhears, notes the name Shewa and walks off.

Hasset and Menkir are celebrating their 7th year anniversary. Newaye calls Shewa and finds out why Martha is so well dressed today.

In a change of setting the camera zooms in on the Waryt Furniture store between Hayahulet and Urael Church on Haile Gebre Selassie Avenue.

Asrade Schemes For Melcamu’s Riches

A boardroom meeting is in session and three men in suits one of which is lead character Asrade. Asrade (Yohannes Tegene) sets the agenda for the meeting.

Everyone is setting a trap involving Tsega (Meseret Gezahegn)and Menkir.

The idea Melkamu puts forward is that Tsega, his sister, is going to marry Melkamu orphaned son, Menkir in an effort to take over Melkamu riches. Melkamu’s character is played by Meynlu Hailu.  Melkamu is lying sick in the Kadisco International Hospital (real establishment).

According to Asrade, Melkamu has 400 million USD in local banks and millions stashed away overseas.

Asrade plots with his mates to convince Menkir to marry Tsega. Menkir’s is played by Surfael Tsegaye.

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Asrade works in a large company that is involved in real estate and other business. In this episode, he gives Tesga a difficult challenge. She has to manipulate someone into falling in love with her. When she says that it is very hard for her to make this happen.

Asrade tells her, “Believe me, if you can’t face hardships and overcome them, you can not change your life. The phrase ‘rashin melowet atchim’ in this context means change that comes with attaining material wealth. 

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